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Fortune Carp (发财鲤鱼)

The Fortune Carp represents a stronger surplus to the year in order to achieve success. Legend has it that the carp transforms into a dragon after it leaps over the Dragon Gate. This translates to ultimate success for the owner whether from a career or business perspective. It is always worrying when running into a deficit and we can worry lesser with the help of the Fortune Carp that encourages surpluses. Three little Fortune Cats ride on the Fortune Carp to watch over your wealth and luck.
$188.00 $53.80

Japanese Daruma (日式达摩)

The Japanese Daruma Doll is a talisman of good luck. It is seen as a symbol of perseverance and an encouragement, not to give up on the way to success. It is a must have for the ambitious who wish to cross any obstacles on their way to achieve greatness. Together with the 3 Stars of Blessings, they combine to offer you good fortune, prosperity and longevity.
$188.00 $53.80

3 Stars of Blessings (福禄寿)

The 3 Stars of Blessings come together to bring you an abundance of Good Fortune, Prosperity and Longevity. It is a wonderful gift to friends and family simply because of the symbolism of the individual Fortune Cats. For a detailed write-up of the exact symbolism behind each piece, please refer to the full description below.
$388.00 $168.00

Business Prosperity (金运招财)

Ideal for household, offices, shopping malls and restaurants. Suitable for bosses, leaders and entrepreneurs. This Business Prosperity Fortune Cat not only brings in wealth. It also paves the way for success while maintaining your composure when facing difficulties. The right hand symbolises an irresistible wave of good luck and the left hand reflects an endless stream of customers to bring you abundance of wealth. For a detailed write-up of the exact symbolism behind each piece, please refer to the full description below.
$588.80 $138.80

Happy Family (开心家族)

Ideal to place in a home with kids. The Happy Cats Series not only brings you wealth and good luck, it also promotes togetherness while enhancing the relationship of their owners. Families with kids studying will find it easier to focus and hopefully achieve better grades. For a detailed write-up of the exact symbolism behind each piece, please refer to the full description below.
$168.00 $36.80

Treasure Boat (宝船招财猫)

Ideal gifts for all occasions; whether for the office or the household. The Treasure Ship Fortune Cat's right hand brings in the wealth with the Fortune Fan while warding off bad luck with the golden bell on the left hand. The treasure ship on the body also promises a year of smooth sailing and bountiful harvest.
$98.00 $28.80

Fortune Magnet 1 (招财宝1)

Ideal to be placed near cash registers and wealth spots of a household. The male Fortune Fan Fortune Cat is steady and confident. The pair of red fortune fans on the body has the ability to bring in wealth and change your luck for the better. He ensures a smooth sailing love life and a successful career, something everyone wishes for. Both arms raised with a pair of golden bells also help deflect negative energy and bad luck.
$58.00 $18.80

Sakura Fortune Cat (樱花招财猫)

Ideal as a gift to the ladies on all occasions. The female Sakura Fortune Cat represents the modern working ladies; youthful, sophisticated, smart and beautiful. We spend our youth chasing wealth and while becoming wealthier and wiser later in life, we spend our wealth chasing back our youth.
$98.00 $28.80
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Are you interested in placing a bulk order with us for your corporate D&D or special event? Hesitate no more! Write to us with your requirements and provide the following details so that we are able to revert to you with our bulk order quotation!
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After serving our customers well for the past few years, we have decided to revamp our website platform! Other than improving it aesthetically to the current season's colours and layouts, we have also taken into account your feedback of including a chat function and an easily navigated website with clear wordings, fonts and instruction to check-out.
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